Important Things to know.

RW Commercial Clearances.
Full office clearance in Spalding.

Why Choose RW Commercial Clearances?

What to look for when using commercial contractors.
  • We work very hard to keep all our staff fully trained in manual handling, first aid training and more.
  • We ensure all RAMS are in place and up to date for each job.
  • We are compliant with all the regulations.
  • We hold the current insurance making sure we are covered for each and every aspect of clearances.
  • We have the correct waste carriers license in place.
  • Our vehicles and equipment have regular maintenance inspections. 
  • All of our lifting equipment has been LOLER tested.

Our Staff Are Important To us And You.


All of our staff have an induction prior to working with us. this includes manual handling training, first aid training. We ensure we have everything covered before we have new employees start work with us.

background checks.

All of our staff are DBS checked ensuring the safety of our customers.

Medical checks.

Our staff have regular medical checks, ensuring they fit for work.

What to Look For When You Are using Commercial Contactors.


When contracting in companies you want peace of mind knowing they are covered. Every insurance policy is different. Checking the insurance to see if the cover matches the job description. Is very important, Luckily with RW Commercial clearances we have all aspects of clearances covered.

Waste carriers license.

Firstly, check if the contractors have a waste carriers license.

Secondly, waste carriers licenses have different tiers check the contactor has the correct one. 


When it comes to health and safety, it is important that the contractor has all the risk assessments and method statements up to date and correct. Ensuring your own staff are safe as well as the contractors staff.

Checking where your waste goes.

record of waste disposal.
  • All contractors removing waste should always keep a well documented waste record.
  • Receipts of waste disposal. 
  • It is important that your contactors ask you, if you are happy for your waste to be given to away to charity or reused. Not all companies want items to be reused.
record of destruction.

When contractors are instructed to destroy sensitive information for instance document shredding or hard drive destruction. You as a customer needs proof of this for your records, ensuring no data breaches or GDPR compliance are broken. 

Is your company eco friendly?

Most companies are always trying to reduce the carbon footprint, weather it’s moving to electric cars or just recycling your general waste.

In cases when contractors are instructed to remove your waste. It is important that you check that all recyclable waste is recycled and not put into landfill. We pride ourselves in recycling and aim to have the absolute minimum go to landfill.